What is Ernie Bot: A ChatGPT Killer?

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Learn what is Ernie Bot, how this works, how this is better or worse than ChatGPT and much more.
What is Ernie Bot: A ChatGPT Killer? baidu vs openAI

Development of Ernie Bot

Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, has stated that the first version of Ernie Bot was developed in 2019. This is the culmination of many years of effort. Over the past decade, the firm has put money into AI research and development, shifting its attention to AI-based technologies like autonomous vehicles. Some potential uses for Ernie Bot are search engines, the artificial intelligence cloud, chatbots, autonomous vehicles, and smart devices. Just like we want to know the real winner between Google Bard and Bing AI, now the world wants to know the answer to ‘Ernie Bot vs ChatGPT’.

co-founder and CEO Robin Li demonstrated the company's AI-powered chatbot, known as Ernie Bot by Baidu.
On March 16, 2023, co-founder and CEO Robin Li demonstrated the company’s AI-powered chatbot, known as Ernie Bot, by Baidu.

Ernie Bot’s Functionality

During the demonstration, Ernie Bot was asked to draw a picture responding to questions about “The Three-Body Problem,” a Chinese science fiction novel. Successfully did. Co-founder and CEO Robin Li claim that over 600 businesses have adopted Ernie Bot, which is applicable in various situations.

Ernie Bot vs ChatGPT and other chatbots

We have already seen that ChatGPT is way better than other chatbots. The release of Ernie Bot follows the debut of OpenAI‘s ChatGPT by a few months. ChatGPT’s abilities as an AI chatbot are shown by its ability to answer questions and write essays. The market has a lot of competition because many other Chinese companies are also developing chatbots.

AI Munch did an unscientific test and found that Baidu’s Ernie Bot tends to avoid specific political questions, but it is better at giving up-to-date information than ChatGPT.

The capabilities of the AI-driven bots were tested by having conversations in English with ChatGPT and in Chinese with Ernie Bot; the results showed that the bots scored differently across various topics, including politics, economics, and celebrities.

China has strict censorship rules, making it hard for Ernie Bot to talk about politics there. Baidu’s bot avoided answering whether China is a democracy by claiming it “hasn’t learned how to answer this question yet.”

ChatGPT, on the other hand, said that “periodic elections are held at the local level” and that “the Communist Party and its leaders hold the ultimate decision-making authority.” Even though China has made “significant strides in economic development and reducing poverty,” the report says that “by international standards, China’s political system is not considered democratic.” It feels like ChatGPT is here to compete with giants, First we were saying if chatGPT would kill Google or not, and Now the same with Baidu.

When questioned about prominent figures in Chinese politics, Ernie Bot offered a brief introduction. However, when the prompt included names like Chinese President Xi Jinping, newly-elected premier Li Qiang, Li’s predecessor Li Keqiang, and Mao Zedong, leader of the Communist Party that founded the People’s Republic of China, the chatbot asked users to “start over with a different topic in a new conversation.”

Ernie Bot vs chatgpt
Credit: Washington Post

ChatGPT took this question gracefully, introduced these politicians, and gave people more time to ask more questions.

On a few occasions, Ernie Bot also answered questions incorrectly. It proposed “implement family planning and encourage couples to have only one child” to solve China’s declining birthrate. In response to the same question, ChatGPT also said that the government should “relax the one-child policy.”

However, ChatGPT has also blundered, seemingly due to an absence of timely data (it only covers events through 2021). It had yet to learn who won the Academy Awards this year or when Russia invaded Ukraine. When asked to rate both, it mistook Ernie Bot for a product by Alibaba Group Holding, the e-commerce behemoth that also owns the South China Morning Post.

However, Ernie Bot’s in-depth responses contained some factual errors. False information was presented, such as Russia’s conquest of Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv and incorrect attribution of Yeoh’s award win to her performance in Crazy Rich Asians rather than ‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once’.

When asked for comment on this matter, Baidu did not immediately respond.

At Ernie Bot’s launch event earlier this month, Baidu CEO Robin Li Yanhong admitted that the service has some flaws but that there is a high demand for it. ChatGPT, a US competitor, does not currently support the Chinese and Hong Kong markets.

baidu vs openAI: Ernie Bot vs chatgpt

According to Li, “evolving faster with human feedback” is possible for Baidu’s product. He explained, “We want [Ernie Bot] to improve faster, so it has to be launched extremely early to accelerate its ability to improve.

Unlike ChatGPT, Ernie Bot can create visuals in response to text input. However, some users have criticized Baidu in the past week because they are concerned that the bot is merely copying and pasting text into foreign image generators.

Some online commenters claimed that when asked for the country Turkey, Ernie Bot instead drew a turkey and that when asked for a crane, Ernie Bot drew a bird. Even though the instructions were in Chinese and each word was written with a different character, these pictures were made.

Two days before Baidu’s official product launch, OpenAI’s improved GPT-4 model overshadowed Baidu’s efforts. Unlike the GPT-3.5 that drives ChatGPT, GPT-4 can process images; however, OpenAI and its partner, Be My Eyes, are still honing this capability.

Key Features: Ernie Bot vs ChatGPT

Ernie Bot vs chatgpt: key features


What is Ernie Bot?

Ernie Bot is an advanced natural language understanding model created by Baidu, a leading Chinese technology company. Ernie is based on the Transformer architecture and is intended to comprehend and generate human-like text responses.

Is ChatGPT the best AI?

ChatGPT is not the first artificial intelligence copywriting tool, but its viral release in November 2022 made it a household name. ChatGPT’s chat-like interface makes it possible for even those unfamiliar with generative AI software to begin using it immediately.

Who are ChatGPT competitors?

The fact that ChatGPT has trouble providing accurate information about events that occurred after 2021 is just one of the bot’s many flaws. Keeping that in mind, I present the following alternatives to ChatGPT: Google’s Bard AI excels at providing responses that sound human. Use ChatSonic if you want the most current info and pictures possible.

How Ernie Bot works?

ERNIE Bot is capable of producing text, images, audio, and video in response to a text prompt, demonstrating its multi-modal generation ability. Access to ERNIE Bot begins on March 16, 2023, for a select group of users with invitation codes, and will be expanded to the general public shortly thereafter.

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