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Are you looking to get your brand or product in front of a highly engaged audience with the latest developments in artificial intelligence and the metaverse? Look no further than advertising with us!

Our website is a leading source of news, articles, and insights on the cutting-edge world of AI and the metaverse. With a monthly of over 200,000 visitors and growing, our platform is the perfect place to showcase your brand and connect with potential customers passionate about these exciting fields.

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When you advertise with us, you’ll have access to a highly engaged and tech-savvy audience actively seeking out the latest news and trends in AI and the metaverse. Whether you’re promoting a new product, launching a new service, or simply looking to build your brand awareness, we can help you achieve your goals.

We offer a range of advertising options to suit your needs and budget, including banner ads, sponsored content, and more. Our team will work closely with you to create a tailored advertising campaign that maximizes your impact and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

So why wait? Tell us your budget, and we will tell you your place on our platform. We can help you reach your marketing goals. We look forward to partnering with you!


What types of advertising options do you offer on your website?

We offer a range of advertising options, including banner ads, sponsored content, and newsletter sponsorships. We can work with you to determine the best approach for your marketing goals and budget.

Who will design the ad banner?

We can do that; however, we prefer the client’s own design.

How do I get started with advertising on your website?

Simply contact us at [email protected] and tell us your budget and ad requirements, then we will tell you where we can place your ad banner, and we will be in touch to discuss your advertising goals and provide you with more information about our advertising options and pricing. We look forward to working with you!

Can you provide more information about your website’s audience?

Our website attracts a highly engaged and tech-savvy audience that is passionate about the latest developments in AI and the metaverse. We receive over 250k visitors per month, You can view the screenshots given above, and this number is growing. For the past 48 hours (According to cloud servers dated 2nd March 2023):

Top Traffic Countries / Regions
1. United States 35,476
2. Australia 21,320
3. Canada 18,469
4. United Kingdom 13,019
5. Saudi Arabia 9402
6. Italy 7226

Can you give any Idea about Ad rates?

Well, Rates are not fixed, as these depend on the size, type and location of this. For the sake of the answer, the rate starts from the min of $600/Mon, and the client will have to pay for 3 months at min.